By Staci Broxman 12 Jul, 2017

As many of you know we (Marshall & I + help from our family & friends)  have been on a long, extended journey of moving into a tiny house on a chunk of land. I have had a lot of people ask about this process and where we are in the process so I decided to continue blogging about it to keep everyone informed!

About a year ago we were living in an apartment paying astronomical rent & pet fees. We were planning on moving out of that situation one way or another.

Around this same time, I had begun a lot of research into minimalism and tiny houses / tiny living.  I was intrigued ..  BUT, I never thought Marshall would go for it. At first, he was hesitant… then he really did come around to the idea which took me by surprise!

Then we had a few extremely  crappy days of apartment living.  I got completely fed up and decided to check out craigslist and one last time ( I frequented these sites while day dreaming many times before ) ….. and what do you know… a tiny house for sale… about 5 miles away…. and not for some astronomical price point.

Living in North Georgia, this is not a common occurrence. In my research prior to this, anything relatively close ( usually around 100 + miles away ) was few and far between. I flipped out… could this really be happening?

I showed Marshall and we set up a time to check it out. We got in contact with the seller and we were able to ride right on over to their place to have a look.

We drove up to their house and the owner walked us back to the tiny house.. immediately, I felt a huge smile take over my face. I could not believe we were looking at a tiny house let alone, one that we may live in.

Now,  this is not one of those typical tiny houses you see on TV ; 300 sq ft, made of all cedar, with granite counter tops, two lofts, a bath tub, & space for a queen size mattress…

Not at all. We are talking about a pull behind home of around  215 square feet,  a simple white vinyl siding, a green tin roof, a tiny “porch”,  and overall very simple & minimalistic.

( a headsup : it is REALLY  hard to get pictures of the interior of a tiny house! )

By Staci Broxman 01 Aug, 2016

The way humans live today makes it easy to become overwhelmed or anxious feeling. It may  happen more than we would like to admit. We now have constant communication with the outside world, the bombardment of negative news reporting, lack of vacation time being used, and we are always on the go… no wonder we are always so stressed out!

To keep our mind, body, & spirit healthy we need to take a little bit of time on a daily basis to keep ourselves grounded and soothed.

Grounding techniques are ways to bring you back from your funk and to calm your nerves. Practicing daily grounding techniques can help prevent or lessen the amount or intensity of your overwhelm & nervousness.

Many techniques can be done in just a few breaths, or minutes, but the longer you can practice the greater the effect in most cases.


Here are a few of my personal favorite techniques to calm my nerves and to help me feel grounded.


1. Play with crystals & stones

Any kind of crystal, stone, or rock can be a wonderful tool from nature to focus on when you are feeling overwhelmed. I love reaching for crystals and gemstones that are known to have healing properties to promote relaxation, peace, & calm. Calcite & amethyst are a few of my favorites. Even if you do not believe in the metaphysical properties of these crystals they are still a great tool to turn to when you are stressed. They are beautiful to look at, they allow you to feel nature, and feeling the strength of the stones reminds you of your inner strength. Plus, smooth or polished stones are wonderful for facial acupressure points!

By Staci Broxman 27 Jul, 2016

Dry body brushing  is a quick self-care trick that I get excited about doing every day! It only takes a few minutes, and in my personal opinion, a little bit of time is better than NO time!

Dry brushing has been around for centuries and it has shown up in different forms by different cultures including the  Japanese, Scandinavians, Greeks , and of course in Ayurvedic  practices.

I have recently begun to offer dry brushing as a full service in my spa . I am so excited to share this with everyone and to educate people on the benefits of this technique that is too easy to fit into your life to miss out!

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